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We are a legitimate and reliable supplier of Energy drinks, soft drinks as well as cooking oils. We sell the best variety at very reasonable prices and are interested in interested parties. We sell both local and international markets. We sell beer, energy drinks and soft drinks from Austria and Denmark to all European countries. We assure you that we are ready to start a good and long-term business with you. Specification from the base, we also want to inform you that we can supply the required specifications, if any, depending on the buyer.

Whatsapp: +1 213 222 6599

250ml Red bull energy drink

24 x 250ml Cans per carton
24 bottles per tray
108 trays/pallet
26 Pallets per 20'FCL
108 trays x 24 cans of 250ml per pallet
Load of 2808 cases per 20ft dry container

Moq: full truck

Heineken beer 24x250ml bottles.

1x40ft. fcl = 26 pallets x 91 cartons x 24 bottles of 250ml.

standard load of 2366 cases per 40ft. Dry container. bbd about 14 months.

Heineken beer 24 x 330ml bottles.

22 pallets x 84 cartons x 24 bottles of 330ml.

maximum load of 1848 cases per 40ft.

Dry container. bbd about 14 months.

Heineken beer 24x500ml cans.

20 pallets x 90 trays x 24 cans of 500ml.

maximum load of 1800 cases per 40ft.

dry container. bbd about 12 months. international text.

Refined Sunflower Oil(Cooking oils)

MOQ: 1 x 20 ft Container

Supplying Ability: 2000MT monthly

Our packing is 1L, 2L, 5L 10L and 20L.

The loading rates for the packing of 1-Liter PET Bottle are following:
15600 pieces per 20 Feet Container, 25600 pieces per 40 Feet Container, 25000 pieces per Truck.

Contact for more details.

Whatsapp: +1 213 222 6599
Products/Services : 250ml Red bull energy drink

Krish Exports | India

Krish Exports is your one-stop source for Volume Imports on the world's largest selection of top-quality Stainless Steel wares. Our Huge Selection, Highly Trained Labors and Staff, personal service, and driven desire to earn your business make us the number one choice for All Types of your Stainless Steel products supplier.

Krish Exports
Products/Services : Stainless Steel Cookware, Stainless Steel Utensils. Stock Pots, Hot Pots, Casseroles, Colanders, Sieves, Graters, Mixing Bowls.

DESMON S.p.A. | Italy

Desmon SpA was founded by the family De Santis in 1994 as a company for the marketing of catering equipment. In 1998, Desmon finds a brand of professional refrigeration starting the production of professional refrigerators under its own brand. In a few years Desmon becomes a European point of reference in the production of refrigerated equipment for catering. 100% of the refrigerated equipment produced by Desmon are made in two factories by about 25,000 sqm fully covered sites Nusco (AV). Involvement in international markets has always been a lively topic in the objectives of Desmon enough to make direct investments in the construction of new production sites and participation in corporate activities 'already' in existence. Other manufacturing facilities are located in India and China, largely to meet the needs of local markets. Desmond has been in Europe with three distribution centers live in France, UK and Germany. It is part of the Group also Smartfreeze, a company very active in the field of electronics.


Matt & Steve's Tasty Beverage Co. | Canada

From a small rented apartment, to cities across Canada, what began over 10 years ago with 2 guys creating a ‘Caesar Garnish’ has turned into a lot of ‘tasty products’ served throughout Canada and select cities in the U.S. As for the 2 guys who started it all, their story starts way before that:

Matt Larochelle and Steve McVicker both grew up in similar small towns they both happened to move to the Greater Toronto area and met while bartending in their early 20’s, where they struck up a lasting friendship.

They soon realized how many Caesars they were serving over the ‘wood’ and realized there has to be a better garnish than a celery stick for Caesars. So they decide to create something on their own.

Neither of them knew a lot about starting a business. But they knew a lot about ‘cocktails’ – especially Bloody Caesars – so it made sense (to them, anyway) to make a product that could be unique and different, something ‘tasty, topical, social and fun’ (the brand pillars that still resonate today)

Soooo, after coming up with the idea to make a spicy pickled bean, they found a unique bean that grows longer, sweeter and crunchier than your normal everyday green bean at a local grocery store it was a stroke of luck. The Kentucky flat bean as they are called were prefect and immediately went back to their apartment. Using “how to pickle” instructions from Matt’s mother, they began hand packing Beans into Jars and experimenting with spice combinations and soon after the Extreme bean was born....yes, in their apartment over a small ring burner stove and hand me down pots.

Soon there were increased demand and friends, family, customers and more folks clamored for a taste of ‘The Extreme Bean’. The Extreme bean was such a hit; it wasn’t long before they began selling them to local restaurants, then specialty grocery and supermarkets and beyond. Way beyond.

Products/Services : The Extreme Bean Garlic & Dill, B'nOlive,Bar Supplies

French Sweets Corner | UAE

FRENCH SWEETS CORNER is one of the leading and renowned Seller of CoffeeBar and other related products. The office of FRENCH SWEETS CORNER is located at Jebel Ali -17453, 17453,Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Products/Services : Cofee

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