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FWP Trading

Food & Wines of Portugal's aim is to bring Portuguese wines of the utmost quality to the wine lovers of Toronto in a professional and expert manner. We embrace the challenges that such an ambitious project brings. We represent both still and fortified wines that have been selected on the basis of consistent quality and the adaptability of the Ontario consumer's palate.

FWP represents and acts on behalf of a small, but sound, group of Portuguese growers who have been selected for their skill, passion, quality and consistency as well as possessing a sensitivity towards the singularities of the wine trade in Ontario. It has never been our aim to carry a vast portfolio of wines: our "small is beautiful" attitude is something that makes our company very unique. We much prefer to concentrate on the small number of growers that we feel produce wines of remarkable quality, rather than spread ourselves too thinly with many producers

Products/Services: Olive Oil,Salt,white wine,red wine,gourmet food

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Company : FWP Trading
Address : 7b Taymall Ave. Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada M8Z 3Y8
Country : CanadaCity : Canada
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