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Ing.A.Ross | Italy

The Ing.A.Rossi Group was founded in Parma in 1951 with the establishment of Ing. A. Rossi s.r.l., company that currently deals with systems design for the entire group and with the construction of some of the most sophisticated aseptic units available in the food processing industry.
In the following decades the group has seen the birth of two other companies: C.T.M. srl,  a modern manufacturing division specialized in the construction of evaporators, heat exchangers and complete lines for tomato and fruit processing; and Trans-meccAR s.r.l., for the organization of the business and commercial activity in order to offer our customers prompt and satisfactory answers to all commercial and financial issues.

Products/Services : Tomatoes, Mediterranean fruit (peaches, apricots, plums, cherries), Tropical fruit etc

Gulf Union Foods Company | Saudi Arabia

The Gulf Union Foods Company is one of the key national companies that have a clear contribution to the food manufacturing sector, especially juices and beverages.

The Gulf Union Foods Co. managed over the past few years to achieve apparent leaps in the field of production of juices and beverages in addition to the development of production lines, according to deliberate research steps aiming at reaching the highest quality standards in production and manufacturing.

Gulf Union Foods Company
Products/Services : Pet, Cans, glasses and cartons

Delta Food Industries FZC | United Arab Emirates

Delta Food produces tomato paste and milk powder in different packaging and in different concentration. Currently, our line capacity is about 360,000-400,000 cartons maximum per month. Factory is equipped with high technology machinery (branded machinery from Italy, India and USA).

Delta Food Industries FZC
Products/Services : Delta RoyalE Tomato Paste, Delta Diamond Tomato Paste, Delta Tomato Ketchup, Instant Full Cream Milk Powder etc

Oasis | Co. Mayo

Oasis® has been responsible for some of the key innovations in our industry since 1910. These innovations date back to the first ever water cooler and the first Hot ‘N’ Cold™ Bottle Cooler right up to and including our current range of products. We also built the world’s first ever dehumidifier in the 1950’s.

Products/Services : Bottled Watercoolers, Point of Use, Dehumidifiers, Pressure, Domestic Products, Accessories, Filtration

Afronutri Ltd | Kenya

Afronutri Ltd is an intermediary supplier of end consumer baby food   products selling directly to retails and wholesalers as well as hospitals and pharmacies.

Afronutri Ltd sells high quality, affordable baby foods developed using the latest research to contain effective levels of vitamins and minerals, while avoiding any excessive amounts in accordance with recognized safe upper levels for food supplements. Originally geared toward those who wish to feed their babies with the weaning combination of delicious taste and balanced nutrition.

Afronutri Ltd
Products/Services : Baby Milk Formula, Baby Cereals, Baby Biscuits, Organic Fruit Jars etc

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