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Afronutri Ltd

Afronutri Ltd

Afronutri Ltd is an intermediary supplier of end consumer baby food   products selling directly to retails and wholesalers as well as hospitals and pharmacies.

Afronutri Ltd sells high quality, affordable baby foods developed using the latest research to contain effective levels of vitamins and minerals, while avoiding any excessive amounts in accordance with recognized safe upper levels for food supplements. Originally geared toward those who wish to feed their babies with the weaning combination of delicious taste and balanced nutrition.

Products/Services: Baby Milk Formula, Baby Cereals, Baby Biscuits, Organic Fruit Jars etc

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Company : Afronutri Ltd
Address : Afronutri Company Ltd Mirage Plaza, Mombasa Road, P.O Box 100244-00101
Country : KenyaCity : Nairobi
Telephone : +254 (020)6007668Fax : +254 (020) 6007688
Website :

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